LSI Exhibition

We have a ‘taster’ exhibition of a dozen artists in an exhibition ‘From the studios’ showing at the LSI Bridport from Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 21st September.

Join us for our Launch event of BOS-2019 on Wednesday 4th September from 6-9pm. Have a drink, enjoy the art and meet the artists.

We look forward to meeting you!

Marion Taylor “Anemones” 25 inches x 33 inches, acrylic on wood panel £1,600


Boo Mallinson “Spring Evening” 104cm x 104cm 41×41, ink charcoal and acrylic on canvas £2,200


Caroline Liddington  “Ancient window” Oil on canvas £495

Ella Squirrell “The Bull” 183cms x 122cms oil and mixed media £1,275


George  Paul  Sainsbury  “August Evening West Bay” oil on canvas £1,250


Gerry  Dudgeon “Winter Trees” 110 x 100 cms acrylic on canvas £5,600


Marian  Young “Dorset – Summer” acrylic on canvas £275


Mart Tebbs “Dance 7” acrylic on canvas £500


Mike  Jackson “Tidal Rush” acrylic on canvas £400


Nigel  Dawes “Strawssardegna” 610mm x 450mm x 25mm – found plastics from 3 beaches in Sardinia in June 2014 – £600


Veronica Hudson “Tree 2” ink pigment graphite powder £165


Ross Hipkiss “Oil on board” 21 half inches square £150