Ella Squirrell

52. Ella Squirrell

Oil painting / Painting

Ella: My painting arrives from an interest in the oscillation between the dualities of sexuality, gender and mixed ethnic identity and the associated sense of marginality. One of my concerns is how place contributes to the sense of belonging and not belonging.

First Floor, Unit 10, St Michael’s Riverside Studios

Turn off St Michael’s Lane into the trading estate, to the riverside end of the long, red brick building. Unit 10, Studio 13 is up the blue staircase.

07851 918794 ~ ella.squirrell@gmail.com ~ www.ellasquirrell.com

Twitter: @ellasquirrell ~ Facebook: Ella Squirrell ~ Instagram: @ellasquirrellstudio

Photo: © Pete Millson 2019.
Telephone: 07768 077353 (UK)