Photo copyright Peter James Millson 2016. Phone 07768 077353.

Portrait of Liz Somerville by Pete Millson

Liz Somerville left Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in textile design and subsequently spent 11 years in London undertaking a variety of jobs including; printed fabric design, gallery management, and marketing and graphics for a structural engineering consultancy alongside developing my art practice. Not all at the same time, though. Printmaking has always been a love of hers. She’s played with lots of different techniques and relief printing, linocuts and woodcuts combined with painted blocks of colour, is, for her, the most satisfactory method.

Living in Dorset, landscape is a central theme and the winter the best time to see it; plough and livestock tracks, oddly shaped fields, quirky colour. She likes flow, lyricism and mark-making and doesn’t have a press as she likes to work large, so uses a wooden spoon instead. It works very well and gives her the freedom to work at more or less whatever scale she wants to. She uses paint instead of printed blocks of colour, for the same reason. The upshot of this is that each piece is unique; eventually, over a period of years, up to 15 (sometimes 20) versions of each piece is made, instead of a numbered edition. These techniques are very much a means to an end; the overall effect is what she’s after, she’s no slave to convention.

Photograph by Pete Millson 

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