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Portrait of Katherine Lloyd by Pete Millson

Katherine Lloyd 

After studying art and design at Dartington College of Arts I went on to train as a potter at the Briglin Studios in London. Later I worked at the Moorcroft Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent as assistant to their designer. I have had my own studio, in Dorset, since 1994.

My designs are evolved from sketchbook drawings of flowers, landscapes and, more recently, people, birds and animals. I rely on craftsmanship and experience to create ceramics which are intrinsic in shape, colour and narrative.

I throw and coil shapes from white earthenware clay, and when they are leather hard, draw directly into the clay. I paint under-glaze colours onto the surface of the ware in multiple layers. It is only after the second glaze firing that the true results of the work are revealed.

As an artist, you put a lot of yourself into the work, and so it is always a privilege when something, you have created, becomes part of somebody’s home. I am fortunate to have had encouragement from valued ceramic collectors and enthusiasts over the years.

Past exhibitions include, Battersea Affordable Art Fair, London. Delamore Arts Summer Show, Devon. Work is currently on show at Glazed Art, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent. I am a member of Dorset Visual Arts and regular participant in Dorset Art Weeks.

Photograph by Pete Millson 


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