Portraits of the Artists by Pete Millson

To celebrate our 20th anniversary of our Open Studios Event, renowned Photographer Pete Millson has taken a series of portraits of participating Artists in their Studios.

The Shed Gallery

Photography / Original Artwork / Manipulated Images

BOS Venue 22

The Shed Gallery is a community based website that provides a space to sell your photography or art online without the hassle of running your own website. We sell prints of your work to order and hold group exhibitions and help through our growing network reach a larger audience.

Featuring: Ester d Mira, Debra Cox, Paul Newman, Catherine Gillingham, Juliet Evans, Guy Kirkham, Owen Vachell, Tim Firkin, Rob Coombe, Sarah Broome, Pete Hackett, Gina Williams, Sam Rose, Shaun Jacobs, Iain Tall, Dawn Brimicombe, Carla Regler, Kym Cox & Chelsea Davine.

The Salthouse, West Bay, DT6 4EL

Assorted parking in the harbour

07518 423862


Twitter: @shedgallery   –   Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/theshedphotography/?ref=bookmarks

10am – 5pm

14 /15 / 16 September

WC: yes

Wheelchair access:  yes








“Waste Deep” by Catherine Gillingham

Sally Davies


BOS Venue 40

“We miss much as we wander: old drainpipes and doors flaking paint, rusting ironwork metamorphosing, so much more. But if you look you can see beauty there, a beauty I juxtapose with another passion, flowers, in my new work.”

Exclusively using her own photographs, Sally multiplies, sometimes adds paint or other media and always uses her imagination to evoke her love of nature, flowers and the great outdoors in either her fresh colour work or her striking black and white imagery.

Studio in the Attic, Unit 10 St Michael’s Trading Estate, Bridport, DT6 3RR

From Waitrose car park, the square-towered brick building on St Michael’s is visible – Studio in the Attic is at the riverside (far) end of this building, up the covered stairs to the top floor.

07718 078453



Instagram: atticlightart

Open days & times:  10am – 4pm
8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 September

WC: yes, in building

Wheelchair access: no

Exhibiting with Elizabeth Sporne

Photo: © Pete Millson 2018.
Phone: 07768 077353 (UK).
24 August 2018.
Bridport Open Studios.